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Last updated October 11th 2023

What is Respira?

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Respira intertwines science-backed breathing exercises with functional music to create symphonic breathwork meditations. Each session harmoniously blends guided breath counts with symphonic music and psycho-acoustic resonances, enhancing your ability to relax, focus, and sleep.

How does it work?

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Anchor Your Breath: Follow the guiding voice to align your breath's rhythm with gentle prompts.
Musical Immersion: Immerse yourself in ambient and cinematic scores, each note fine-tuned to augment your breathwork. Let the symphony dissolve stress and elevate you to heightened mindfulness.

Benefits of Breathwork

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Stress Reduction
Controlled breathing helps in activating the parasympathetic nervous system and dialing down the sympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. When paired with soothing music, this effect is intensified, leading to deeper relaxation.

Enhanced Focus & Clarity
Breathwork sharpens the mind. Adding functional frequencies and rhythmic tunes helps maintain focus and encourages a clear, calm state of mind.

Improved Sleep Patterns
Slower breathing, especially when accompanied by gentle, calming sounds, assist in quieting the mind for a restful night’s sleep.

Emotional Balance
Regulating your breath can profoundly shape your emotional landscape. When harmonized with soothing music, this practice nurtures emotional stability and resilience, laying the foundation for improved self esteem and well being.

Physical Health Benefits
Beyond mental well-being, breathwork strengthens respiratory functions and boosts overall vitality. Music, especially nature sounds and binaural beats, enhances these physical benefits by creating an engaging and healing auditory environment.

Deepened Meditation Practices
Breathwork is a gateway to deeper meditative states. The immersive experience created by spatial mixing and ambient melodies takes meditation to another level, allowing for profound introspection and mindfulness.

Incorporating music into breathwork not only enriches the experience but also amplifies its benefits, creating a harmonious blend for mind and body wellness.

Lower Blood Pressure
Breathwork exercises encourage slow and deep breathing, activating the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which helps reduce stress hormones, relax blood vessels, and in turn, can lower blood pressure.

Heart Health
Breathwork exercises have a remarkable impact on cardiac health by positively influencing heart rate variability (HRV) and stabilizing heart rate. Engaging in controlled breathing can lead to an increase in HRV, a sign of a healthy, resilient cardiovascular system, capable of adapting to stress and maintaining balance. This practice can also encourage a slower, steadier heart rate, promoting cardiac efficiency and reducing the strain on the heart over time.

Breathwork harnesses the power of intentional breathing patterns to shift your internal state, acting as a conduit for profound psychological and physiological changes. By altering the depth, rhythm, and rate of breath, you can transition into altered state of consciousness, which may enhance mindfulness, promote relaxation, and foster a deeper connection between the mind and body.

Is Respira suitable for beginners?

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Absolutely! Designed for all experience levels, Respira offers beginner-friendly sessions with clear instructions, making it ideal for starting your breathwork journey.

Cadence Timer
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Program your own breathing cadence, or choose a preset; Sleep, Focus, and Balance. Select from audio experiences including functional music, nature sounds or Sonic Hues (brainwaves). Breathe to an audio cue, or to a visual breath bubble.

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The breath-hold timer guides you through 6 rounds of controlled pauses on an empty lung, followed by 5 minutes of freeform meditation space. You can breathe with or without music, and with the additional option to breathe to a visual cue.

‍Through breath holds, we can learn to override the ‘alarm bell’ stressors that are inherent to our nervous system. Anxiety dissolves. Physical and mental resilience builds.

Deep Section
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This is where you will find all our meditation music and sound experiments featuring works from an array of classic and ambient Artist from around the world.

Deep sessions are sound experiments designed to help drop you deeper into meditation or visualisation.

Respira Music

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Respira's music transcends mere melodies; it is an essential key to unlocking the mind-body connection's potential. Our compositions integrate diverse auditory techniques to craft a transformative mind-body experience.

Nature Sounds

Immerse yourself in the grounding harmony of nature's symphony for stress relief. The gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing patter of rain orchestrate a tranquil soundscape, enveloping you in a cocoon of peace and deepening your connection to the world around you.

Spatial Mixing
Our 3D soundscapes envelop you in an immersive auditory experience, deepening your engagement and enhancing the breathwork journey. Together, these elements create not just music, but a symphonic guide for your mind and soul.

Binaural Beats
Experience the captivating power of auditory illusions as binaural beats harmonize within your ears, creating a symphony of tones that gently steer your brain toward serene relaxation, heightened focus, and improved learning abilities, all while subtly alleviating the burdens of stress.

Functional Frequencies
Tuned to your brain's rhythms, these tones promote focus and calm, aligning your mental state with your goals.

How can I use the Session Guide?
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The Session Guide (yogi icon) provides detailed information on breathing patterns, benefits, and techniques, making it an essential tool for beginners using RESPIRA.

What devices support the Respira App?
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RESPIRA is available on iOS and Android, with a desktop version in development.

Is Respira free to use?

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Respira offers a free version with basic features. For expanded access and premium content, a subscription is available on a lifetime or annual basis.

How do I subscribe to Respira?
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Download RESPIRA and follow the in-app instructions for subscription details and purchase options.

What about favorites and downloads?
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Easily select your favorite sessions and download them for offline listening – perfect for travel or bedtime.

How do I restore my subscription?
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Simply sign into RESPIRA and select 'RESTORE Purchase' on the subscription screen.


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